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Women’s integration and empowerment

As well as attaching importance to accommodation facilities for children, namely orphans and underprivileged people, and supporting numerous NGOs, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity implemented a number of programs for girls and women in rural areas, made a significant contribution to strengthening basic social structures, and provided them with the means required to help them ensure steady income.

This was underlined in a short speech by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, marking the launch of the third Solidarity Week (Casablanca, November 1, 2000).

In keeping with instructions by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, and as part of carrying out its 2004-2008 action plan, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity continued to take a keen interest in the training and integration of women, particularly in rural areas.

This was clearly shown by several complementary, often integrated actions meant to provide women - in rural areas in particular - with various tools for better access to development.

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