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Taking in charge and integrating people with special needs

Providing care and readjustment assistance to the disabled has always been a major concern for the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

Spurred on by the commitment and solidarity of all Moroccans, the Foundation has constantly endeavored to carry out integrated projects likely to help disabled people receive adequate support, have access to basic social services, and achieve social and occupational adjustment for their successful integration in the country’s developmental process.

The Foundation has constantly tried to muster and put to use the resources needed to develop self-reliance among disabled people.

Accordingly, the Foundation is keen to carry out an integrated, strategic approach, placing special emphasis concurrently on:

  • Supporting institutions and associations working in this field;
  • Training and qualifying people with special needs for a better social and occupational integration, mainly through the national program aimed at establishing training centers, in partnership with the Office for Vocational Training and Labor Promotion;
  • And finally, creating facilities offering socio-educational and medical services.

Efforts made under the above item were crowned by the building of the Salé-based Mohammed VI Center for the Disabled, which was inaugurated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God Assist him, on November 2006.

This project was set up in compliance with His Majesty’s instructions, and in consultation with the Ministry of Health, the State Secretariat for Family, Childhood and the Disabled, and the NGOs network concerned. It was developed as a multi-purpose facility designed for people with special needs related to their disabilities.

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