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Healthcare access to people with special needs

Making healthcare services available to the needy is one of the priorities on the agenda of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, which has been working at different levels, in close partnership whith the Health Ministry, with a view to enhancing health-related resources nationwide.

In addition to upgrading public hospitals in terms of medical hardware and ambulatory equipment, the Foundation has begun building and equipping several specialized facilities, mainly burns units, oncology and birth delivery units. This has made it possible to expand the capacity of such facilities and to take care of more and more patients among the needy.

Concurrently with the Oujda and Al Hoceima oncology units, the Foundation built accommodation facilities for cancer-infected patients and their families.

In addition, the Foundation built medical centers in poor districts in Oujda and Tetouan, as well as a health center and five birth-delivery units in rural areas in Al Hoceima Province.

Similarly, the Foundation, in an effort to help bolstering the health sector’s human resources, built two centers offering training for medical supervisory staff, in partnership with MAMDA-MCMA Foundation

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