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Seeking to give the culture of solidarity its full meaning and to get all good will parties involved in its programs and activities, the Foundation initiated the setting up of “volunteering” networks, putting special emphasis an youth and more particularly students.

From the outset, this initiative found its tangible illustration in the implementation of conventions-programs involnving three higher education institutions (Ecole supérieure de Gesion( ESG), Institut Supérieur de Commerce et d’Administration des Entreprises (ISCAE), and Al-Akhawayane University). These institutions have, with support from the Foundation, allowed students to bring help and assistance to hundreds of people –especially women and children – providing them with equipment, foodstuff, glasses and a wide range of other items, in addition to offering support classes and cultural promotion activities.

The successful outcome of this initiative led the Foundation to extend this experience to high school students in Rabat, as part of a partnership with the “Développement Espace Scolaire” association which was set up within the Rabat Region Education District (Academy) to provide coaching for students as minors.

Under action plan laid down in 2006, solidarity clubs were established within various high schools in the Rabat region. They were entrusted by the abovementioned association with the implementation of solidarity-related activities and projects, especially those designed for pupils and students in underprivileged areas.

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