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16 December 2022

Large scale medical and surgical campaign in the province of Midelt

FM5 - Vaste campagne médico-chirurgicale dans la province de Midelt FM5 - Vaste campagne médico-chirurgicale dans la province de Midelt

The Foundation is closing its 2022 program of local medical campaigns. The final activity was a major medical and surgical caravan for the benefit of the people living in the Province of Midelt.

This solidarity initiative, undertaken jointly with the provincial delegation of Health and Social Protection and local authorities met the pressing need of disadvantaged citizens and those who were on waiting lists for cataract treatment. In addition, the initiative delivered free general and specialized medical services to families in the neighbouring rural municipalities including Boumia.

Implemented from December 13-16, the campaign focused on two components: cataract surgery and multidisciplinary care delivery. The campaign was deployed at two sites: the Hassan II Provincial Hospital in Midelt, which conducted cataract surgery operations, and in Boumia 45 km from Midelt, where the caravan was dedicated to consultations and multidisciplinary care.

The campaign made it possible to treat 186 cases of cataracts and 10.650 people, including 6.390 women who benefited from specialized exams: paediatrics, rheumatology, pneumology, ENT, ophthalmology, cardiology, gastrology and gynecology,as well as radiology exams, physical check-ups and medicine delivery.

It was carried out with support from the Provincial Delegation of Health and Social Protection of Midelt, the Hassan II Provincial Hospital of Midelt, the Hassan II University Hospital Center of Fez, partner medical associations: Association of Moroccan Ophthalmologists Sans Frontières – ASMOS, Association Caravane de l’Espoir and the Mohammed VI National Center for the Disabled in Salé, which provided screening and fitting services for people with physical disabilities.

The Foundation would like to thank all of these stakeholders as well as the team of doctors: 11 surgeons, 10 general practitioners and 25 specialists and paramedical staff of 16 nurses and technicians for their mobilization and volunteer work.

In 2022, the Foundation carried out 3 major medical and surgical campaigns in the provinces of Tan Tan, Jerada and Midelt. These campaigns benefited 24.817 people, including 16.863 women. The campaign conducted 550 surgeries including 472 cataract surgeries and delivered 35.382 medical interventions such as exams and general and specialized medical care.
The Foundation also supported 19 medical caravans set up by approved medical association Foundation partners throughout the national territory, benefiting 14.682 people through 24.920 medical interventions.