Supporting future generations

Since its inception, the Foundation has been committed to fostering children's development and fulfillment. It strives to provide optimal learning conditions and access to schooling, which are two key drivers for improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged.

Bringing schools closer to rural children

In Morocco, access to schooling in rural areas is more difficult than in urban areas. Young people in rural areas, and particularly young girls, are especially vulnerable to dropping out of school. This is due to lack of access to secondary schools and a lack of accommodation facilities. 

To remedy this, the Foundation has implemented the Dar Taliba (Student's Home) program: a pioneering platform relying on a network of residential schools. Located in the vicinity of schools, middle schools and high schools, they offer young girls adequate accommodation and supervision.

This approach has been extended to rural boys and children of nomadic tribes. It has served as a gateway for academic achievement, enabling young people to attend high schools and universities in urban areas. 

Mohammed V Foundation, education
Mohammed V Foundation, education

Since the program's inception in 2000, 86 Dar Taliba homes have been built for a total budget of 237,8 million dirhams. Since then, Dar Taliba has emerged as a model in fighting school drop-out and has been replicated by other institutions and donors.

Promoting early childhood education

Basic learning is necessary for the development of children's physical and cognitive abilities. It is an essential lever for their social and professional integration as young citizens. This is why the Foundation promotes access to early childhood learning. Its action is centered on an integrated approach, which combines education in dedicated facilities and specialized training in pre-school professions.

The Foundation has developed an educational curriculum enabling children aged 3 to 6 to benefit from quality education and development tailored to their needs. Day-care centers and play areas have been set up in working-class neighborhoods as well as in rural areas, particularly in social structures dedicated to women. This innovative approach provides extra incentive for women to seek out the social assistance mechanisms made available to them.

In an effort to support the reform aimed at generalizing pre-school education in Morocco, the Foundation has also set up training programs dedicated to early childhood professions. The Yaacoub Al Mansour Training Center for Social and Educational Occupations, in operation since June 2018, is the first of its kind. Its purpose is to train instructors specializing in teaching young children.

Mohammed V Foundation, education

Improving infrastructure for educational success

The quality of school infrastructure is an important prerequisite for child development. In recognition of this, the Foundation seeks to foster better access to knowledge and extracurricular activities. It has targeted its action on the enhancement of school infrastructure in disadvantaged neighborhoods or in rural areas.

The Foundation is committed to offering fulfilling learning environments by creating and developing socio-educational and sports facilities. It provides also multimedia equipment, financing libraries and educational materials.

Flagship Projects

FM5 - Centre de Formation dans les Métiers Éducatifs et Sociaux Yaacoub Al Mansour - Rabat

Educational and Socio Professions Training Center Yaacoub Al Mansour – Rabat

Trarid Tendrara Community School

Trarid Tendrara Community School

Nursery Center at Espod – Casablanca

Nursery Center at Espod – Casablanca

Dar Taliba – “Home for Female Students’’

Dar Taliba – “Home for Female Students’’

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