Economic integration

Promoting financial autonomy

As a key factor of human development, economic integrationis a major lever in the fight against poverty. The Foundation’s action is aimed at developing support mechanisms that rely on poor people's own capacity to achieve financial autonomy and create value locally.

Fostering local dynamics through the inclusion of rural women

Convinced of the pivotal role rural women can play in achieving sustainable development, the Foundation has, from a very early stage, sought to create conditions favorable to their economic inclusion. To this end, it carries out community action based on a systemic approach. Thus, the Foundation promotes rural women’s access to social services, literacy and capacity-building in addition to promoting economic empowerment. It supports them as they start income-generating activities, taking into account local potential.

This approach has a twofold objective: to generate sustainable income for beneficiaries andpromote local products in target regions. Thousands of micro-projects have thus benefited from financial assistance in the form of supervision or provision of equipment. They have mostly been inthe agricultural sector and related fields (arboriculture, breeding, apiculture, argan...), crafts (looms, pottery ...) and tourism (creation of rural hostels, catering ...).

These measures are further supported by initiatives encouraging women to set up cooperatives and help them with market local products. A breakthrough was achieved with the creation of the Solidarity Market, a fair-trade platform created by the Foundationin 2017 and dedicated to selling cooperative products directly.

Mohammed V foundation, economic integration

Promoting entrepreneurship among disadvantaged young people

Consistent with its commitment to the integration of young people into labor force, the Foundation developed several support measures. These long-term measures are underpinned by two driving principles: to instill theentrepreneurship spirit in youth and open up future prospects for them. Thus, the Foundation encourages young people to start their own businesses. To this end, it provides them with management tools, technical assistance offered by professionals and financial support to start their project.

This approach was made possible by the creation of the Mohammed VI Center for Support to Solidarity-based Micro-finance, which is an effective instrument in the fight against poverty. As it considersthis sector to be a good lever, the Foundation provides support to microfinance. Itsaim is to enable the largest number of beneficiaries to access micro-credit in order to start their projects and ensure their sustainability (marketing assistance).

Building on this experience, the Foundation consolidated its action through an approach combining financial support, training, coaching and ongoing monitoring. Since 2012, young graduates of training centers have benefited from this approach to start businesses in the building andcivil engineering, carpentry and car manufacturing sectors. In 2015, fresh momentum was given to this action through the setting up of a new mechanism: the Casablanca Center for Very Small Solidarity-based Enterprises. This social start up incubator is dedicated to help small economic initiatives to start off on the right foot.

Mohammed V foundation, economic integration

Consolidating the creation of economic ventures on a larger scale

In an effort to support entrepreneurship on a national scale, the Foundation launched the “Integration through Economic Activity Program” (PIAE) in 2016. This large-scale program is addressed to young project leaders from disadvantaged backgrounds. It offers them tailored local support and comes, in particular, as a response to the challenge of ensuring the sustainability of economic initiatives.

Over a two-year period, young people benefit from training and coaching pre- and post-business creation.
Assistance and managerial skills-building are provided by professional program partners (Maroc PME, GIZ). As for monitoring, it is carried out in coordination with civil society organizations that are in direct contact with the local environment. The Foundation offers financial assistance through the provision of equipment and support for the sustainable development of young leaders’ economic activities.

Through these new tools, the Foundation aims to develop a successful social model for economic integration. This model is expected to foster change at individual level as well as create wealth for the individual and society.

Mohammed V foundation, economic integration
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