Marhaba operation

A unique humanitarian operation

Since 2001, the Foundation has implemented an original humanitarian - assistance mechanism: the Marhaba Operation. It is intended to provide the growing flows of Moroccans residing abroad the best conditions upon their return to Morocco during the summer period.

Mobilizing for the well-being of moroccan families living abroad

Transit conditions for the Moroccan community living abroad have not always been easy: road accidents abroad, loss of convoys during crossings, incidents involving ships, families in distress, etc. Some situations bordered on precariousness and insecurity. Thanks to the strong mobilization of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, President of the Foundation, and the Foundation's ability to act effectively, these situations have been successfully addressed.

Hospitalization abroad, chartering of substantial means of transport, accommodation for families, administrative assistance... a permanent humanitarian presence has proved necessary. The Marhaba operation was implemented in response to the need to expand assistance services and humanize travel and transit conditions.

Mobilization has intensified. Public and private stakeholders are organized through collective and coordinated intervention. Dedicated hospitality measures and services have been set up. Their objectives are to improve hosting conditions, facilitate the transit of members of the community residing abroad and assist people in vulnerable situations.
The Marhaba Operation is thus activated each year from June 5th to September 15th.

The Foundation provides Moroccans living abroad with a multi-channel information platform and helpline

  • Toll-free number 080000 23 23
  • The Marhaba mobile application
  • Online assistance from the application and a dedicated website

Providing effective social, administrative and medical assistance

As the main operational interface, the Foundation is present throughout the summer, through dedicated reception areas that are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are located at the main international maritime transit points (Italy, France and Spain) and arrival points in Morocco. Managed by teams of social workers and volunteer medical staff, they serve as local humanitarian assistance providers.

These teams respond to all types of needs, for guidance, administrative assistance, medical care or specific cases of financial hardship. They liaise with other stakeholders in cases where coordination is required to deal with needs or emergencies.

This general mobilization is orchestrated by a central entity: the Central Coordination Office. Supervised by the Foundation, it ensures the smooth running of the Operation. It monitors assistance teams deployed in the field and mobilizes emergency response teams. Operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it is in charge of responding to direct requests from Moroccans living abroad.

Partners involved

  • Ministerial Departments
  • General Directorate of National Security
  • Royal Gendarmerie
  • Customs and Indirect Taxes Administration
  • Merchant Navy Directorate
  • National Ports Agency
  • National Airports Office
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • National Railways Office
  • Moroccan Highway Authority
  • Tangier Mediterranean Special Agency
  • Shipping Companies
  • Banks
Mohammed V foundation, Marhaba operation

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